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Penang International Airport (PIA), Malaysia



Malaysia’s third busiest airport has the official IATA code of PEN – standing in for Penang International Airport. Located a mere 9.9 miles/ 16 km south of George Town, the airport serves a large region and provides extensive links with major cities across South East Asia and beyond. George Town is Penang region’s capital city. Penang Airport serves mainly the north of western Malaysia and the premises are medium-sized, with check-in and baggage reclaim being comparatively faster than at large sites. Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu International are both busier and larger. Penang International is mainly used by two budget airlines, namely AirAsia and Firefly. 

Better known carriers operating from Penang International Airport are Cathay Pacific, China Southern Airlines, Malaysian Airlines, Wings Air and Thai Airways International to name but a few. The carriers fly to destinations like Medan, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Jakarta or Guangzhou.

Penang International Airport (PIA)


Penang has a fairly comprehensive public transportation system. To make your way into town from the Penang International Airport, you can take a taxi, bus, an airport transfer or hire a car.


Please visit the link below for more information on the route and timing. 

https://moovitapp.com/index/en/public_transit-line-102-Penang-5390-1122251-697532-0 or https://jp.rapidpg.com.my

Grab (similar to Uber)

Grab e-hailing app is very popular in Malaysia and most prefer this alternative to taxis. Reliable and convenient mode of transportation in Penang. You can download the application from the play store and book a ride.


The taxi fares in Malaysia are calculated according to meters. Effective from 19 March 2015, the taxi rate has been revised as follows, the flag-off fare for taxis is RM3.00 and passengers will be charged RM0.25 for every 200 meters thereafter, and for taxis caught in a traffic jam, the fare will be RM3.00 for the first 3 minutes, and RM0.25 for every subsequent 36 seconds. Always ask the taxi driver to use the meter. If they refuse, just step out of the taxi, and wait for another taxi. It is illegal to charge passengers without using the meter.

Taxis at the airport operate on a coupon system – buy a coupon beforehand from inside the terminal. A trip to Georgetown (an 18km journey) will take approximately 25 minutes and should cost between RM40 (USD 9.43) – RM 60 (USD 14.14), depending on the taxi size


The venue is Hotel JEN Penang Georgetown by Shangri-La, located in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Georgetown, Penang.

List of Hotels within the vicinity

There are many Hotels and Airbnb’s in the neighborhood. Some hotels are listed here:


The currency in Malaysia is the Malaysian Ringgit (MYR). The current exchange rate as of August 2022 is US$ 1 = MYR 4.47. You can view exchange rates at www.xe.com. International participants are advised to exchange some Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) prior to their departure, or upon their arrival at the Penang International Airport. There are currency exchange counters in the airport.

Only deal with licensed money changers. They can be found in almost all shopping malls. Money changers often offer better rates than banks and hotels.


Credit cards are widely accepted in Malaysia e.g., at shopping centers, restaurants, or hotels. Be sure to avoid cash advances with your credit card unless it is absolutely necessary, as they come with hefty fees and attract interest immediately. Some shops may impose a 2-3% surcharge for payments made by credit cards. Some cloning of cards is reported so extra care should be taken.

Weather, Time Zone

Penang experiences warm tropical weather all year round. Temperatures range from a low of 21°C (70°F) to a high of 32°C (90°F). Heavy rain showers are common but most often short in duration. Balmy evenings are ideal for outdoor dining, night markets, and late-night shopping.

The standard time zone in Malaysia is UTC+08:00.


The electrical currents in Malaysia are 220-240 volts with the following electrical outlets:


Most nationalities do not require visas for social or business visits to Malaysia. Visitors to Malaysia must be in possession of a valid passport or travel document with a minimum validity of six months beyond the period of stay. Nationals from countries that require a visa can apply through the nearest Malaysian overseas mission (or log onto http://www.imi.gov.my/ ) by submitting the following documentation:

  • Visa application form with three (3) passport-sized photographs
  • National passport with remaining validity not less than six (6) months
  • Letter of introduction or invitation letter.

List of nations exempted from visas for short stays of at least 2 weeks


  • Nationals from countries not listed above may obtain assistance from the nearest Malaysian High Commission.
  • Delegates of the conference could contact the Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau for assistance

Other Useful Information: Customs, Dutiable Goods, Currency Declaration, and GST Refund

  • Read about Dutiable goods:


  • Read about Currency Exchange Limits:


  • Read about GST Tourist Refund Scheme:


  • Read about Prohibited Import/Export Items in Malaysia:


Insurance Disclaimer

Centre for Marine and Coastal Studies (CEMACS) disclaims all responsibilities for the medical, accident, and travel insurances, for compensation for death or disability compensation, for loss of or damage to personal property, and for any other losses that may be incurred during travel time or the period of participation. In this context, it is strongly recommended that guest will secure international medical, accident, and travel insurance for the period of participation prior to departure.


Emergency contact number

  • Police/Ambulance Tel: 999 / 112 from a mobile telephone
  • Fire and Rescue Department (known as Bomba) Tel: 994 / 112 from a mobile telephone