WCMB 2023

Conference starts in :


Presentation Guidelines

Presentation Type

  • Oral Presentation

Each presenter will be allocated a total of 15 minutes, which includes 3 minutes for questions and discussion that is moderated by the chair.

Please share your PowerPoint slides at least 24 hours before giving your presentation. You may either submit your slides at the conference’s registration desk or you can email them to wcmb2023@gmail.com as .ppt or in PDF format.


  • Poster Presentation

There will be a dedicated poster session. You will receive a poster number from the conference organizers that corresponds to the place where your poster will be displayed.

You are responsible for printing and bringing your poster to the 6th WCMB 2023 in Penang, Malaysia.

Please put up your poster in the poster presentation room at the start of the day you were allocated to present. The allocated session requires that the presenting authors stay at their posters.

An A0-sized poster with portrait orientation (84.1cm width by 118.9cm high) (33.11 x 46.81 inches) will be used.

Abstract Submission

Please provide the following information when submitting your abstract:

  • Abstract title

  • Authors’ names (presenters name should be underlined)

  • Authors’ affiliations

  • Corresponding author’s email

  • Abstract (limited to 250 words)

  • Theme (select one theme from the conference track that is most relevant to your work from the list below)

  • Keywords (max. 6 words)

  • Preferred presentation type (Oral presentation/Poster presentation)

Abstract format:

  1. A single paragraph that does not include any subheadings, indentation or references which summarizes the problem, the objectives, methods used and the main results and conclusion of your work (limited to 250 words).

  2. Font: Times New Roman; size 12; single-spaced.

  3. Do not include any references, bullets or lists in the abstract. 

  4. SI units should be used throughout the abstract where applicable. 

  5. Use negative exponents (e.g. kgm-3) and do not indicate them as divisions (e.g. kg/m3). 

  6. Chemical formula should be written in the standard form such as “KMnO4” and not as “KMnO4”. 

  7. A zero should also be present before decimal points such as “0.23” and not as “.23”.

  8. The abstract should be submitted in the format of MS Word (.docx) document.

For more detailed information, please refer to the abstract template here.

Conference Themes

  1. Benthic Ecology
  2. Biodiversity in the Coral Reefs
  3. Biogeography and Distribution
  4. Climate Change and Impacts to Biodiversity
  5. Deep Sea Diversity and Ecosystem
  6. Emerging Technologies for Marine Biodiversity Survey
  7. Fisheries and Future Food Security
  8. Marine Birds
  9. Marine Debris and Pollution
  10. Marine Macrophytes and Blue Carbon
  11. Marine Policy and Law
  12. Marine Protected Area and Conservation 
  13. Systematics, Taxonomy and Phylogenetics