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Smart Sampling for nine decades

HYDRO-BIOS, founded in 1927, is the leading manufacturer of high quality sampling equipment for science, research and environmental monitoring in marine environments.

Our portfolio covers the full range of instruments for water, plankton and bottom sampling – from ordinary mechanical tools to smart and intelligent multiple samplers with integrated electronics, actuators and sensors for remotely controlled or automatic (pre-programmed) operation. Miscellaneous accessories for laboratory-based handling and analysis of samples, various measuring devices (e.g. for flow velocities, pressure etc.) and specialised instruments for microplastic sampling and sampling for microbial analyses complete our range of products.

To date HYDRO-BIOS employs a highly motivated team of 20 staff, covering the full chain from product development and mechanical and electronic design via mechanical and electronic production, net sewing, controller programming and service to national and international distribution – all handled in our own premises in the north of Germany. Our network of external experts expands our own technical expertise in view of specialised production and technology.

In this day and age it requires passion and determination to follow the traditional way of business practice where complete customer satisfaction is our intent. This includes a high degree of openness, flexibility and reliability resulting in good, long term contacts with our worldwide customers. The sustainability of this fundamental practice is ensured by the continuation of HYDRO-BIOS being a family-run business, managed for three generations within one family.

The will to care about our clients and our attitude of fairness in all aspects of business is the basic principle behind our long-lasting successful history.

Why not meet us at the exhibition area together with our business partner for the ASEAN region, Sea and Land Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


Penang Hill Biosphere Reserve (PHBR) was designated in 15th September 2021 as the third and latest Biosphere Reserve under UNESCO Man and Biosphere Program till date. It is such an honour to receive this designation which located here in Penang, Malaysia. PHBR with 12,481 hectares is divided into distinct zones, each with its own ecological characteristics and management focus, including core area, buffer zone, and transition area. PHBR encompasses diverse ecosystems, including forests, coastal, and marine habitats, supporting a rich array of flora and fauna. It is dedicated to conservation, research, and sustainable development to ensure the preservation of its unique biodiversity. PHBR Exhibition during the upcoming World Congress on Marine Biodiversity (WCMB) serve as a platform to showcase the unique features and biodiversity of PHBR by utilize both videos and poster displays to engage and educate attendees.

Videos will be the centrepiece of PHBR exhibition, offering captivating visual narratives that highlight the successful process in pertaining the PHBR designation, aerial footage showcasing the reserve’s breathtaking landscapes, PHBR ecological significance, a diverse range of research and conservation efforts within the Penang Hill Biosphere Reserve, and interviews with experts and conservationists. These videos will help attendees gain a deeper understanding of the conservation efforts and dynamic biodiversity of rain forest within the biosphere reserve context.
Besides, PHBR exhibition also utilizes poster display that celebrates the comprehended flora and fauna diversity found within the Penang Hill Biosphere Reserve. These vibrant posters will feature captivating illustrations and informative descriptions of the various plant and animal species that thrive within the reserve’s marine and terrestrial environments.

By combining videos and poster displays, we aim to create an interactive and immersive experience for WCMB attendees. This multi-faceted approach will offer a comprehensive overview of the Penang Hill Biosphere Reserve, from its unique biodiversity to the conservation efforts being undertaken to protect and preserve this valuable ecosystem.