WCMB 2023

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E-Poster Design & Submission Guide

  • Please submit your e-poster as a PDF document.
  • Document size is limited to 15MB per file.
  • We recommend that your e-poster is horizontal (landscape) orientation.


Sans serif fonts such as Arial or Helvetica are commonly used for the title and headings. Fonts such as Times or Calibri are commonly used for the text. Use easy to read professional fonts and select no more than two or three different, yet complimentary fonts.

General Size Guidelines:

All the poster text should be easily legible on a laptop screen as one image. Do not expect readers to have to zoom in.


The names of uploaded documents will be visible in the e-poster gallery. Please follow the file naming protocol below to help people recognise it:

Presenter Surname – Initial of First Name – e-poster – Description (5 words max)

e.g. Smith_J_e-poster_Search for new marine life begins.


1. A poster is a unique form of communication and should be designed accordingly. It should not be laid out like a scientific paper (Introduction, Methods, Results etc.). There are many guidelines online (e.g., here). Good posters minimise text and clutter. They avoid complex colour combinations and jargon. Visual presentation of methods and results are encouraged, e.g., a photograph of field methods or sampling location, a flow diagram of methods and analysis, graphs of relationships. Details of methods, results, related literature, acknowledgements, institutional logos, should be secondary (or left for readers to ask the author).

2. The key message should be immediately obvious within 5 seconds by stating it in the title and/or near the top of the poster. This communicates what the poster about and determines whether the readers will read further. The rest of the poster then shows the evidence to support the key message.

3. The presenting authors contact details and affiliation should be provided.

4. The poster will be displayed on readers laptops, computer screens, and perhaps mobile phones. Thus generally ‘landscape’ is preferred over ‘portrait’ shape.

5. Posters may be prepared using PowerPoint and other software.

6. You may include the WCMB logo on your poster if you wish.


1.Once you have created E-Poster, you will need to submit the PDF version via the Submission Portal. This will allow us to list your poster in the Poster Gallery on the Virtual Conference Platform.

  1. Sign-in to the Submission Portal and go into the View/Edit Submissions Tab
  2. Select Edit next to Poster
  3. A pop-up box will appear. Select Browse and fine the location on your computer where you have saved the PDF version of your E-Poster. Select Update